Bachelor of Science graduate Noxolo Mkhize is not just about books and science, the young lady holds dreams and aspirations in the arts industry as well and Izenzo Online talks to her about those.

Noxolo grew up in a household satisfied with teachers and therefore most of her toys were crayons, pens and papers which led to her always drawing. She first took her artistic side seriously when she was six years old, drew a picture and then received many praises from her parents regarding the drawing. This encouraged her to nurture her artistic abilities. This however came with many challenges as she could not take visual arts as a subject in school as it was considered a hobby; and that is how she landed up on the physics side of life. Amongst the challenges she faced, was when her teacher disqualified her from entering art competitions as she thought Noxolo had traced the art work. The science discipline also became increasingly demanding meaning she had to take a break from her art and focus on making true her goals connected to being a science expert.

She has since graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with a Bachelor of Science in agriculture, majoring in soil science. She aims to study her masters where she will major in soil physics and hydrology; and also work as one of the top soil science engineers in South Africa. When distressed she is always calmed by Jeremiah 29:11 where God reassures her that He knows the plans He has for her.

Noxolo has entered a BIC Art Master 2018 competition and would like you to please vote for her artwork. The link to the art competition is .

To connect with Noxolo you can email her on or follow her on Instagram @I am king.Noxolo.