On the 9th of August Advocate Mawande Mazibuko (36) hosted a women`s mentorship seminar under her organisation `Next Generation Women`. Next Generation Women was founded after Adv. Mazibuko saw the need for mentorship for young women and girls. She has since taken it upon herself to host these empowerment seminars to empower women with knowledge and also skills that they need to address certain issues in their lives. The concern was that these young ladies are the next generation of women and yet many of them still battle even with issues of self-esteem.

The women who were present at the seminar were invited through social media platforms, word of mouth and different networks. Adv. Mazibuko gave a brief talk explaining that `Next Generation Women` aims to develop and encourage women from all walks of life. `We are multigenerational women trying to raise the next generation of leaders`, says Adv. Mazibuko. The organisation mainly focuses on two areas: pre-career development and further professional development.

Next Generation Women founder, Adv Mawande Mazibuko

The ladies were addresses by two very informed guest speakers, Andisa Bantom, a human Reasource manager located in the Eastern Cape and Dionne Farai Makuwaza, a B-BBEE consultant and entrepreneur located in Pietermaritzburg. Bantom explained that every women needed to make sure they attend to their behaviour, personal appearance, academic qualifications and general vision of what they wanted for their lives. She explained that these all intertwine to play a crucial role in whether a person makes an impression to their prospective employer or not. `Be careful of behaviour that you may involve yourself in now, especially if it lands you in jail. Most companies have a zero percent tolerance for anyone who has a criminal record, and that is how people end up not getting the job` explains Bantom. The guests were made to understand the importance of furthering their academic qualifications if they wanted to climb the corporate ladder; with character traits such as discipline and respect also being necessary to advance oneself in the corporate world.

A Pietermaritzburg entrepreneur Dione Farai Makuwaza took to the podium and inspired ladies to have a vision, write it down and then execute it. She explained that she had plenty of business ideas, some of which have failed, some of which had not even been launched but the important thing was to have them written down so that you know what you have to work with. `I once heard a line that says your network will determine your net worth`, says Makuwaza after explaining the importance of networking and valuing people.

The ladies were then treated to lunch and had the opportunity to attend different stations including a free clothes boutique and a free make-up stall by MAC. For more details about `Next Generation Women` please contact the admin on info@nextgen-women.com