Water therapy is a routine that has been used by the Japanese for the longest of time as it has been seen to reduce health alignments and thoroughly detoxic the body. It has been found that most health problems are caused by an intoxicated gut due to undigested food; therefore flushing out the digestive system with water is of vital importance. Water therapy also helps individuals stay hydrated and maintains water reserves in the body to prevent dehydration which is the leading cause for most health problems.

Water therapy is simple, it involves drinking 4 to 6 glasses of pure water (on an empty stomach) every morning as soon as one wakes up. Others do like to add a bit of lemon juice or grated lemons to the water. Partakers of this therapy are advised to eat only after 45 minutes after having consumed the water. Elderly people and sick people should start with one glass of water per day and gradually increase intake as the body adjusts to the therapy. When consuming meals, 2 hours are to be left in between meals before consuming the next meal, to allow for proper digestion of food. During the day the individual is still required to drink another 6-8 glasses of water to help with food digestion.

Water therapy is mainly known for helping in weight loss and clearing pimples and blemishes, but here are 10 other ways in which taking plenty of water can help:

1) Toxins are flushed out from the body
2) Balance of pH levels in the body
3) Minimises acne and blemishes
4) Improves kidney function
5) Breaking down of food which leads to proper bowel movement
6) Cleans intestines, stomach and digestive system which prevents bloating and constipation
7) Regulates appetite(Thirst is often misinterpreted for hunger and thus individuals end up over eating)
8) Helps with new cell generation
9) Helps muscles to grow and with weight loss
10) Prevents dehydration and secondary symptoms of dehydration such as:
-Kidney stones
-Irregular menstruation

Water therapy is clearly the most affordable way to treat common alignments and should be considered by all as it can save unnecessary aches and pains.