Lungelo Mkhize, also known as ‘lungs’, is a young man living in Pietermaritzburg who needs little introduction in the christian community. If he isn’t evangelising the lost, or uplifting the youth through youth ministry , then he is capturing every moment of christian conferences through his media company :Gcwabe media. Mkhize has been a born again believer since 2009, and is a full member of Assemblies of God (Grange branch). “My Pastor, Pastor MV Nkomonde helped me through my journey of being a fully mature man of God”, explains Mkhize when asked about his local church and about the importance of being a part of a local church and having an overseer. He added, “The local church is where your spiritual parents are whom nurture you and pray for your offerings and tithes; everyone needs to belong to a local church so their growth can be supported”. Mkhize believes that people who do not have a local church, whom church hop, are unlikely to grow spiritually as they are being fed different spiritual food by different shepards, who also may in fact contrary teachings to each other.

Even though Mkhize has been in the church for a while and holds many good memories, he has and still does go through many challenges.”I went through a job scam, I was heart broken, but a year later God have me a new job”, says a disheartened Mkhize. After completing matric he studied Electrical engineering at a Further Education College and to fully complete the course, each student was expected to undergo a four year trade test in the field. This is when the job scam occurred. Mkhize applied for a job in Mpumalanga and they contacted him for an interview, after driving for hours with his dad they reached the destination only to find that it was a scam. “I was so sad but it wasn’t long before God opened a new opportunity for me and I found a new company that absorbed me to do my trade test”, says Mkhize. He explains that these are the types of challenges you face as a born again believer, not everything goes your way but in every situation you are still expected to glorify God and trust Him to bring balance and restoration in your life.

Although there are times when difficulties arise, Mkhize recalls his foundational years in the faith as having been the best and the highlight of his journey with God. “When I got born again, the youth of the church that I was a part of would go preaching from area to area with no fear but boldness; as a result today there are preaching points in areas as far as Mpolweni, Trustfeed,Richmond and Hopewell”, explains Mkhize. He also revealed that the fire of being born again made him so fearless that he would preach to neighbours unapologetically. “When I first came to church, there was not much of a bond amongst the youth, this was until we attended a youth church camp which created a very strong bond amongst us” explained Mkhize when talking about the importance of knowing people in your church. He stated that after the camp, a youth choir was formed and ever since, they have been getting along like brothers and sisters.

The biggest challenge seen by Mkhize in the body of Christ is that the body is divided because everyone finds their own denomination to be superior. “If we can realise that Jesus is coming back soon and put away all strife amongst each other, then we can win more souls”, said a concerned Mkhize. This young man has a hunger for God’s people to be saved and a burden to spread the gospel to those who have never heard it. “For us to be born again, someone preached salvation to us, therefore we are obligated not to be selfish but to also preach the gospel to those who we were once like”. He also explained that it breaks his heart when people get born again, and due to the lack of love by the church they fall away and go back to their old ways, “we need to follow up on people, ask them where they are and how they are doing with their journey with Jesus”.

If the church can focus less on church programmes and things that don’t reveal the greatness of God to the unsaved, Mkhize believes a lot more preaching out reaches can be fitted in to save the lost. He also shared that the youth of different denominations need to unite and create an environment where people and their spiritual gifts are appreciated.

In church Mkhize likes to Worship God but believes the reading of the Word of God and the sermon is the most important part because all things came through the word.

You can contact Lungelo Mkhize on facebook: Lungelo Lungs Mkhize. Izenzo Online would like to wish Mkhize the best for his career and his media company.