So you’ve been on diet after diet,  you’ve exercised and you’ve ran around the block but still your stomach doesn’t want to look any smaller. Well you’ll be glad to know that not all big stomachs are due to excess fat, but rather to a phenomenon known as belly bloating. You may be going to gym and yet after every meal your stomach is bulging under your shirt; well this may be caused by the type of food you eat which lead to bloating.

Research shows that eating certain foods and having certain habits instantly increase the stomach as these habits and foods fill the stomach with air and acid which then cause an inflated belly. Belly bloating can be identified by a swollen belly that comes to be after eating. Bloating causes pain and discomfort. Spicy foods, acidic food, junk food and acidic drinks are the number one cause of bloating.

There are several ways to reduce belly bloating, such as:

1) Do not eat too much food.
2) Reduce carbonated drinks.
3) Decrease intake of gassy vegetables such as beans.
4) Drink plenty of water.
5) Take Take digestive aids such as ginger,fennel and peppermint tea with or after meals.
6) Increase fibre in diet, this may also also help with constipation.
7) Avoid chewing gum  as swollowing air while chewing gum can also lead to bloating.
8) Reduce salt and sugar intake.

If bloating continues, you would need to buy overbthe counter medication such as Eno or Gaviscon. If these over the counter medications do not work, you would then need to visit your medical doctor.


Image: Cosmopolitan

It is also important to know how much time it takes certain types of food to be digested by the stomach. This then allows you to not consume certain foods if you need to wear that little black number that needs an hour glass figure. Knowing how long it takes for food to be digested also helps you not to over eat. If you know that a certain food will be in your stomach for two hours, then you can calculate that within those two hours you can’t eat heavy meals as this may cause bloating.Rather consume something that takes less time to be digested.

The following food take the following amount of time to be digested by your stomach:

1) Cooked vegetables takes 40 minutes.
2) Fish takes 45-60 minutes.
3) Milk products takes120 minutes.
4) Vegetables takes 30-40 minutes.
5) Chicken takes 90-120 minutes.
6) Nuts take 180 minutes.
7) Beef meat takes 180 minutes.
8) Potatoe takes 90-120 minutes.
9) Water takes 0 minutes.

We hope these will help you make healthy choices and fight against belly bloat.