There ain’t nothing worse than having a snatched face beat but when you take pictures you look ashy and have have blinding flashback. We’ve all been there but if it’s something you still struggling with, we’ve got you with hacks that will help you avoid this nightmare sis.

1. Avoid foundation with SPF.
Makeup flashback is experienced when taking pictures in dim lighting at night where the use of a flash is required. There is no need to use products with SPF at night. One of the the active ingredients of SPF is Zinc oxide,  zinc is a metal and metals have reflective properties which will reflect the flash right back at the camera causing major flashback. A Good foundation which I can recommend to avoid flashback is the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation  (it is specifically formulated to avoid flashback and it has been tested under various lighting conditions). Another one of the is the L’Oréal Infallible pro-matt foundation.


Wet and Wild photofocus foundation, Available at Clicks, R900. 99. Image: Wet and Wild Instagram

2. Avoid concealors that are too light.
When highlighting, stay away from concealors that are way too light for your complexion. An ideal shade is one that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation shade. Using a very light concealor will leave you looking too light around you eye area and that is the problem area where you are more likely to experience flashback. Another tip; do not apply too much concealor,  apply a sufficient amount and blend it really well.

3. Avoid setting powders containing silica.
When choosing a setting powder look at the back of the product, if it contains silica stay away sis. Silica (SiO2) is a crystalline compound which is a major constituent of sand. Crystals also have reflective properties which cause flashback. Opt for powders that are free from silica like the Essence cosmetics mattifying compact powder and the Ben NYE translucent powder.


Essence cosmetic mattifying compact powder. Available at Clicks for R65

4. Use a highlight suitable for your skin tone.
We all love an extra glowy highlight but it need to be in shade suitable for your skin tone. If you have a deep complexion,  opt for bronzy and golden tones. The Wet n wild ‘crown of  canopy’ is an ideal shade. If you are on the fair side,  the Wet n Wild highlighter in the shade  ‘precious pearls will do’


Wet and Wild megaglo highlighters in the shades 'precious pearls' and 'crown of canopy' . Retailing for R89 at Clicks. Image: Wet and Wild Instagram

These simple hacks will keep the powdered doughnut epidemic of flashback at bay and will ensure that makeup mishaps don’t get between you and your picture perfect moments.