It was no ordinary Sunday at Mount Zion Christian Centre on the 2nd of December when congregants made their way through the gates of the place of worship dressed in beautiful regalia representing their different cultures.The service was held at the headquarters of the church which are in Hammersdale. In attendance were saints from different branches of the church namely Soweto, Ladysmith, South Coast, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

‘We are celebrating Africa this entire month’ these were the words of the founder and Apostle of the church as he opened the service. Apostle KT Mkhize has always believed in Africa and the opportunities it held for those who were willing to work hard and seize the moments presented by this continent. The church choir was dressed in beautiful white apperal, accessoried with traditional beads. Songs of worship reminded everyone present that God is diverse and accepts everyone as they are. There is no one-umbrella culture.

The news of celebrating the African continent were welcomed by all with excitement and enthusiasm. Congregants will continue to dress in their traditional regalia the whole month of December. The Scripture of the day was taken from John 6:1-15. The Apostle then blessed the saints and declared success over each and every person present. The service was not just to launch Africa month, it was also a thanksgiving service where congregants came with their thankgiving offerings to thank God for having walked with them thus far.

We at Izenzo Online are honoured to have been a part of this day.

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