Looking good does not mean you have to go out your and dig deep into your pockets, there are always ways to look as good as the best for less. I’m a student and I love all things beauty and make up, so I know the struggle of having to working around a tight budget to look good. Over time I have adopted and made use of hacks that have enabled  me to save my coin where I can.

Plan ahead
When going for make up shopping,  it has helped me to plan ahead of time because I know beforehand how much I am willing to spend and how far I can stretch and be flexible with my budget. It helps when planning ahead is accompanied by discipline, when you have set aside how much you are willing to spend being disciplined and keeping to that amount will save you from being impulsive and buying anything you can get your hands on. This can end up totally ruining your budget. Planning ahead also includes deciding where you’ll be buying your products, look up the sites of different beauty supply stores and find out how much the products retail for. Compare the prices and opt for the store which better suits your pocket. Also look out for monthly specials.

Opt for drugstore products
Like I said before, I am a student and so high end brands have been a been out of reach for me but only for now though! So I opt for make up products from drugstore brands. Drugstore brands include reputable brands like Maybelline, Rimmel London, Catrice cosmetics, Wet n Wild, Essence and a whole lot more. Drugstore brands are the kind you typically find at beauty supply stores like Clicks and Dischem. Drugstore brands have really stepped up their games over the last few years, you get to look good for only fraction of a price. These brands are just as inclusive as high end brands and the quality is outstanding. I believe there isn’t much one is missing out on for opting for drugstore and saving when you can.

Make use of loyalty programmes
A lot of beauty supply stores have loyalty programmes that can assist in saving money. When you purchase at a particular store and swipe your loyalty card, you earn points and these get converted into cash back or vouchers/coupons which you can use use on your next purchase.

Make use of samples and testers
When shopping for make up, it’s best to go with a bare face so you can try out the product and find out what works on your skin tone and if you have the option of taking free samples home do that so you can do a wear test and find out how the product sits on your skin and if you actually like it. At times it does happen that while you shopping you like the product but after you’ve used it a couple of times and you’ve seen how it wears you may change your mind about it so making use of testers and samples may help you  because you do not want to waste your money on a product unless you have absolute certainty about it. Also read and watch reviews on products you want to purchase.

Hopefully these tips will help you cut corners and save your coin where you can. You do not have to break the bank to look good, make up is a one size fit all.

By Nodumo Chamane