The confirmed brutal death of 19 year old UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana sent shock waves across women of South Africa.

Prior to her death, Uyinene Mrwetyana had visited a Post Office around 14:00 aimed at collecting a parcel. Upon being attended to she was told to return later as there had been a power outage.

Upon her return as instructed, the male Post Office worker reportedly locked her inside and assaulted her. Young Uyinene fought back, subsequently being hit on the head with a scale. Unconscious and bleeding, she was raped, murdered and her body dumped within the vicinity.

From the scrounge of the murder case of Karabo Mokoena, from which emanated the #MeToo and #MenAreTrash slogans, these murders now labeled by many as feminine genocide has now birthed the hashtag #AmINext slogan.
Woman all over social media have been voicing their shock, anger and fear for their lives.

A young lady who asked not to be named confessed that she along many South African women were faced with bombarding forced attention at some point of their lives. “Some men don’t rape, but share rape jokes, blame the victims or even turn a blind eye, which is equivalent to participating in the crime.” She added that being defended by males from males was a luxury women are not afforded as most men turn a blind eye, join in the dehumanizing behavior or simply blame the victim. “Why was she galavanting in such clothes” they say.

The rape and murder of Uyinene has added salt to already septic wounds of many women in South Africa. Her body was laid to rest on the 7th of September in East London.

By Sinenhlanhla Nala