Ntando Mkhize, more commonly known as ‘Intando ThePsalmist’ is no ordinary musician and Izenzo Online took time to find out what drives the ambitious young man and some of the projects he is currently working on.

Having grown up in a family headed by his mother after his father was killed when he was only three years old, Ntando explains that their mom taught them the ways of the Lord and to pray and earnestly seek God. He is the last born of 6 children and gratefully put it that ‘they all love the Lord’.

Ntandos’ first public appearance as a singer was back in 2001 when he was only 8 years old in a tent crusade. When speaking about the experience he says ‘I was not spiritually mature at the time and only sang the song because it was lovely, but now I sing songs that are led by the Holy Spirit and I thank God for that’. As a result of being Spirit led he has been led to host a worship experience on the 26th of October in Pietermaritzburg at the Winston Churchill Theatre. Other guests artists to perform at the worship experience include Precious Khomo, Kwazi M and Phindi P.The night promises to be like no other. ‘Come expecting God to be God! If you know God as a healer, expect Him to heal! If you know Him as a Mighty Man of War, expect Him to be just that! Let everyone come expecting God to be God! Expect Glory! Expect A MOVE! ‘ says Ntando.

Ntando doesn’t recall when he had his encounter with the Holy Spirit which changed his view of himself of being a singer to being a worshipper. ‘I was baptised with the Holy Spirit while singing at church, I began to speak in new tongues and my spirit never rested from that day’ says Ntando. One of the things God has laid in Ntandos’ heart is to start Rehoboth Sundays which are a series of praise and worship sessions that happen on the last Sunday of the month. Ntando highlighted that the praise and worship sessions are free and added that ‘God said nothing about money, so I see no need of including money.’

When asked what ministry is and how ministers should conduct themselves, this is what he had to say: ‘Ministry to me is God’s business! Whenever Jesus spoke to His desciples relating to ministry you’d hear him say “The work of my father”. It’s not about the minister, but it’s all about the one who called the minister to serve! So at all costs, ministers should always follow the lead of the one who calls and anoints! There is no better conduct than that!’

Ntando encourages spiritual parents to support their spiritual children. ‘Spiritual parents should be present especially when they see that the direction the child is taking is good…back them up! Be their rest, comfort them when they fail! Do not be quick to reject them, love them, and do not think that just because they are lions on stage that means they do not need your call, check up on them, even lions get tired and discouraged, comfort is always needed’, says Ntando.

Ntando is also a Public Administration graduate and has registered a company called “Rehoboth Communications” which seeks to assist other worshipers of song in their journey of ministry.

His encouraging words to every person who is working on something are ‘God’s time is the best, wait on God and do not be distracted by the enemy, God is faithful, and He will never let the just suffer while He watches’.

We cannot to meet everyone at Ntandos Worship experience that is set to take place on the 26th of October 2019. For more details please call 064 493 6356.