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Zion church launches Africa month

It was no ordinary Sunday at Mount Zion Christian Centre on the 2nd of December when congregants made their way through the gates of the place of worship dressed in beautiful regalia representing their different cultures.The service was held at the headquarters of the...

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Safety tips for the holiday season

So the bags are packed and the holiday accommodation has been booked, but who will watch over your home as you bask in the sun and enjoy that long awaited holiday? 'Africa Check' revealed that in 2016/2017  on average 61.2 households were robbed each day in South...

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FOLO- Fear Of Losing Out #FinanceFridays

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with advertisements and marketing messages that prompt us to buy, buy, buy. When you turn on the television, log onto social media, browse through a magazine or drive on the highway, most visuals are enticing you to just keep...

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